Ally: “a person, group…that is associated with another or others for some common cause or purpose”

Ways to be an effective ally:

  • Break down your schema. Know what your biases are and how they prevent anti-racist thinking.
  • Educate yourself. Don’t depend on others to provide you with information you should take time to learn. No one likes the group member who sits passively and lets others do all the work.
  • When you reach out for answers, be receptive to what you find & listen to others who have expertise and experience.
  • You will hear and learn things that will make you uncomfortable. Get ready to be uncomfortable.  
  • Realize that your truth is not necessarily the truth. It is merely your perception based on your experiences. Others have real experiences, too.
  • Develop genuine cross-racial relationships. These individuals should be more than your co-worker you eat lunch with. Do you really know these individuals and care about them?
  • Speak out against racist comments and misguided beliefs.

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